Wall Hanging w/ Fluorite & Selenite

Wall Hanging w/ Fluorite & Selenite


One-of-a-kind intricate Wall Hanging featuring Fluorite beads & a natural 8” Selenite bar to bring some crystalline good vibes into your home.

Fluorite is all about bringing clarity to confusion & order to chaos. This stone helps promote stability & balance in your life & moving on from unhealthy patterns. Boosts concentration & successful learning while strengthening your intuition too.

Selenite is a wonderful crystal for the home thanks to its protective and energy-clearing properties. It’s a very high vibration mineral, both calming & soothing & helpful for gaining clarity.

This geometric art piece is carefully created by hand using matte-finish marbled polymer clay, raw brass, gold-plated brass, Selenite & Fluorite beads. Big on impact yet lightweight, all that’s required for hanging is a nail.

Piece measures (from hanging point) 65cm length x 22.5 max. width.

Handmade with love in Dublin & standard Shipping Worldwide is free of charge.

*Please note - Raw Brass may form a natural slight patina over time.

**Please be advised - the crystal properties listed are for information purposes only & are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.

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