About Merle

I've always loved creating 'ice-breaker jewellery' - bold, statement pieces that stand out so much that they become an easy talking point in any situation.  Little pieces of wearable art to make you feel confident and help you express yourself before you've said a single word. 

I launched my own jewellery label at London Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2010 and was lucky enough to have my work featured regularly in publications including British and Italian Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle and Grazia.

I'm so grateful to count Beyonce, Florence Welch, Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Kylie and Ellie Goulding amongst the talented women that have worn and owned pieces of mine.

After re-locating from London to my hometown of Dublin and taking time out to look after my now 2 year old daughter Vega full-time, studying ceramics at night was my only creative outlet, leading me to rediscover my love of clay as a medium. 

This collection marks a new era in my design life, with motherhood definitely having changed the brief. My new process-driven work is all about celebrating the beauty in the unpredictable and unexpected, and I'm also working within the constraints of non-toxic processes in my home studio. I want the human hand to be visible in every single piece, from each unique swirl of polymer clay, each hand-cut geometric shape and each surface sanded and polished with love.

These jewels are fun, joyful, playful pieces to help you express and celebrate your own uniqueness boldly.

x Merle