Selenite Tower

Selenite Tower


Selenite Tower from Morocco. Selenite is often referred to as ‘liquid light’ - its super high vibration means it charges all other crystals, so this tower shaped piece is the perfect crystal jewellery stand!

Weight: 351g // Dimensions: 151mm x 46mm

Selenite is the cosmic lint roller of the crystal world, cleansing & unblocking any stagnant energy in your aura or your space with its high vibes. It has a beautiful calming energy - that can be really helpful with sleep, - while also being highly protective. It can help with gaining mental clarity & connecting to your highest self.

This mineral will be cleansed & charged, & your purchase includes a crystal info card (as pictured) & is protectively packaged with love & care in Dublin.

****Please be advised - the crystal properties listed are for information purposes only & are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.

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