SHINE - Crystal Kit

SHINE - Crystal Kit


The SHINE Crystal Kit is all about helping you be your most confident, radiant self!

The kit contains 4 tumbled crystals, a stick of sustainably-sourced Palo Santo for cleansing your crystals, individual information cards for each crystal & a velvet travel pouch…all in a luxe branded gift box.

There are no rights & wrongs when it comes to working with crystals, it’s all about listening to your own intuition, but also included in your package is a quick guide with some of my basic recommendations & tips. Keep these stones in your handbag, visible in your home, under your pillow etc. & let them be your ‘physical mantras’, a reminder of your positive intentions every time you come into contact with them. I hope they affect your life in a positive way as they have done mine!


  • Grounding, calming & balancing

  • Supports your self-esteem

  • Helps remove self-imposed limitations & aids expansion

  • Enhances courage & willpower

  • Helps with mental clarity when faced with challenges


  • Boosts confidence & creativity

  • Enhances courage & motivation to take action

  • Assists in clarifying goals & career decisions

  • Promotes positive life choices & strengthens willpower


  • This joyful stone helps banish self-doubt & self-sabotage

  • Boosts enthusiasm, uplifts the spirit & increases optimism

  • Promotes independence, leadership, originality& taking positive action in your life

Yellow Jasper

  • Promotes a sense of happiness, enthusiasm & positivity

  • Amplifies self-confidence

  • Supports in times of stress & social anxiety

  • Enhances clarity, helping you work towards your goals

* Crystals may differ slightly in size & shape from those pictured

**If showing as out of stock you can pre-order kits by emailing

***Please be advised - the crystal properties listed are for information purposes only & are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.

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