CREATIVITY - Crystal Kit

CREATIVITY - Crystal Kit


This Crystal Kit is for supporting you during your creative process. Helping you to stay inspired, stay the course and put your incredible ideas out into the world!

The kit contains 4 tumbled crystals, a stick of sustainably-sourced Palo Santo, individual information cards for each crystal & a velvet travel pouch in a luxe branded gift box.

There are no rights & wrongs when it comes to working with crystals, it’s all about listening to your own intuition, but also included is a quick guide with some of my basic recommendations. Keep these stones in your handbag or pocket, in your home, under your pillow etc. & let them be your ‘physical mantras’, a reminder of your positive intentions every time you come into contact with them. I hope they affect your life in a positive way as they have done mine!

Orange Calcite:

  • Energising & motivating, especially for creatives

  • Helps you overcome lethargy & achieve your best potential

  • Allows a flow of great ideas

Peacock Ore:

  • Inspires joy, creativity & taking action to make dreams happen

  • Helps you to see the positive in any situation

  • Boosts confidence & authentic self-expression

  • Blocks negative energy

Yellow Aventurine

  • Helps you to care less about what others think of you

  • Aids authentic self-expression without fear

  • Helps you to step into your personal power & boosts self-worth


  • Helps you to stay motivated & on-track with new ventures & projects

  • Heightens your ability to listen to your intuition & trust your instincts

  • Helps clarify intentions & helps to heal ancestral patterns

* Crystals may differ slightly in size & shape from those pictured

**If showing as out of stock you can pre-order kits by emailing

***Please be advised - the crystal properties listed are for information purposes only & are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.

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